Hey Guys,

So, in light of the spectacular weather forecast this weekend, a friend of mine and her husband agreed to meet at, let’s name this area The Island, on Saturday afternoon. Mostly for a fun day with their toddler (my godson/cutest/smartest creature on earth). Sounds like a fun day does it not?

Well, I’ll ruin the surprise and break your heart and say that’s a nope. Aside from the diaper explosion and having to walk round with a half naked baby (his pants had to go to the bin-unsalvageable), we didn’t get the chance to let Baby pet the animals at the farm.

So we settled for a light meal and decided to head home after walking around.

At the beginning of The Island’s entrance, there are a few snack options, including pizza and some other random ones, and since the pizza’s line looked like a good 20 minute wait, I suggested we try the place across from it.  I had some chicken fingers with fries, my friend and her husband both had hamburgers with fries, and Baby had a few bites of the French Fries too. The food tasted pretty good, we had no complaints (so far!).

Come Sunday night, for the life of me I do not remember ever being so tired and uncomfortable as I was that night while sitting with my friends at a restaurant nearby to where we live.  I felt so nauseous and dizzy I asked my friend to take me back home early because I was feeling pretty ill. Just before leaving though, I had already begun vomiting and passing unfriendly fluids in the washroom. I got home and just tucked myself into bed at around 11 PM and tried to sleep it off, whatever it was, but that wouldn’t happen. I kept waking up in shakes and feeling very feverish and continuously vomiting through the night.

Fast forward to Monday morning around 9 AM I looked high and low for a walk in clinic that was open on Victoria Day (imagine the luck). I then just asked to be taken to the emergency at the hospital because the pain and nausea was just unbearable anymore. About 5 hours later I left the hospital after being given IV fluids and nausea medication, I decided it was time to just sleep off the rest.

My friend whom I had spent the day with on Saturday morning at The Island then texted me that night around 11 PM saying,”dude, do you have food poisoning?” I had to pause for a bit.HOW DOES SHE KNOW?! I answered back to her telling her about the whole ordeal I had since Sunday and she said,”me and my husband have the exact same thing and were in emergency today too. We’re so dead.” of course with exaggeration, they probably both felt the same nausea, pain and dizziness that I did. We connected the dots and had to conclude that we’ve gotten some kind of bacteria from the place we had eaten from at The Island.

Of course, we can’t undeniably prove that The Island was the culprit, but the clues just kept adding up to them. So I gave The Island’s hotline a call, and got a pretty helpful lady on the line who did try to help me out after hearing my story.  She assured me that she had already told the Food Distribution manager was already informed and that he would get back to me shortly after discussing it with someone else.

But it’s already been more than 24 hours and I haven’t had any contact from their side yet, hopefully they’re taking the issue seriously though.

So considering all that, I’ve been playing a little PR emergency in my mind all day, trying to imagine what would the best possible outcome be after hearing from a visitor that they’ve gotten food poisoning, and it most likely would have came from one of your vendors?

There really are a million approaches, but something that always remains true is the time you wait after a crises is very important.The customers, clients, or the people with the concern have an urgent matter that has affected their lives, possibly under your responsibility.  The very worst thing you can do is make an angry customer, more angry with waiting and no answers. 

Does anyone have an idea what their approach might or should be in this case?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box.

P.S. Names and locations of this event are real, and so names had to be changed to avoid defaming the business.